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Soaklin disinfectant solution Sodium Hypochlorite

Second-class OTC drugs

●This is the Sodium hypochlorite 1. 0w v% disinfectant, which can be used
to disinfect feeding bottles, nipples, and instruments.
●It has a large capacity of 1100mL and so economical.
●When pouring the disinfectant, the three lines shape on the top of the
bottle makes easier to hold in one hand by stopping the fingers on it.
●The pink colored cap makes it easier to see the water level line when measuring the disinfectant liquid.
●You can easily weigh it with 25 ml of water level line on the inside of the cap.
●Prepared by disinfecting solution 2L with a cap of 25ml (1 cup) for disinfecting baby bottles and nipples.

Soaklin disinfectant solution Sodium Hypochlorite

Part numberTypeStandard (applicable size)
94580Soklin disinfectant solution Sodium Hypochlorite 1.0w v%1100mL