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● Boxer Pants type open-front puerperal underwear, which wrap around the entire buttocks.
● Wide waist belt that does not squeeze the stomach and provides a feeling of comfort.
● Comfortably fit to the body and prevent misalignment and shifting of the delivery pad by using skin-friendly elasticized cotton material.
● Wide front-and-back water-proof cloth provides protection against back leakage thoroughly while sleeping.
● Delivery pad can be replaced while wearing this underwear.
● Available to coordinate top and bottom with the same
material and color, “Mama Friendly Half top”.


Part numberTypeStandard (applicable size)
84909M Peach pinkHip 87cm~ 95cm 1piece
84910L Peach pinkHip 92cm~100cm 1piece
84911LL Peach pinkHip 97cm~105cm 1piece
84906M GrayHip 87cm~ 95cm 1piece
84907L GrayHip 92cm~100cm 1piece
84908LL GrayHip 97cm~105cm 1piece

■ Material : [Main body] Cotton 95%, Polyurethane 5%, [Water-proof cloth] Polyester 100%
 ※Latex-free (Does not contain protein derived from natural rubber latex.)