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Baby-friendly Soft Pre-moistened Wipe

Lotion type

● Skin-friendly pre-moistened wipes with moisturizing ingredient, peach leaf extract blended in rayon unwoven fabric, which retains moisture well with soft texture.
● Mildly acidic, hypoallergenic, and perfect for delicate baby skin.
● Contain no alcohol (ethanol), free from artificial color, and fragrance-free.
● Can be used for body wipe as well.

Baby-friendly Soft Pre-moistened Wipe

Part numberTypeStandard (applicable size)
8460513cm×20cm 80 sheets

■ Brand name : dc Pre-moistened Wipe
■ Ingredient : Purified-water, PG, PEG-6, benzalkonium chloride, BG, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben,benzethonium chloride, sodium benzoate, peach leaf extract