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Baby Dry Cotton Sheet

● It is made from 100% cotton in Japan, soft and thick sheet that is gentle to the skin.
● It is used cotton that clears the "Eco-Tex Standard 100" and gentle to the sensitive skin.
● The sheets are hard to tear even if you wipe wet skin or squeeze them wet and ideal for wiping off moisture at the time of breastfeeding or buttocks after bathing.
● Hard to tear whether wet or dry and can also be used for dry techniques.
● The package is resistant to water and is ideal for bathing baby.
● The palm-sized sheet and the pop-up-style packaging design that makes it easy to take out and convenient because it can easily take it out by one hand and use it without folding it again.

Baby Dry Cotton Sheet

Part numberTypeStandard (applicable size)
84609-15cm×20cm 120Sheets

■Material : 100% Cotton