The first contact between you and your baby is "dacco".

As you softly hold your newborn baby in your arm,
the first connection between mama and her baby starts with “dacco”.
Wishing to protect happy and precious time with baby,
dacco are making a product,
responding to midwives and mama's real voices.
As the first brand of mama and her baby,
wishining to support, dacco always stay close to them.

Always standing face to face to the"real voice"of medical site during the course of our long history, more than 80 years.

Osaki Medical, a healthcare manufacturer, has been responding sincerely to the opinions of healthcare professionals for more than 80 years.
The huge first step was the development of clean cotton and maternity sanitary pads based on voices of doctors and midwives in the 1973's.
The philosophy of "making the products from real voice remains unchanged.


"The five promises" of dacco in the view of mama and baby

It's the first brand of mama and baby...
dacco will continue to adhere to its five promises, including those of "safety and peace of mind."

Five promises 

dacco's staff supporting the time of birth

What can we do for mama and her baby, and for midwives and nurses...
It is dacco's mission for each and every employee to continue to think about and make into a product.

The staff who create dacco 

A gift for mama and baby that will light up their face

To brings smiles to mama and her babies, each dacco's product is made with heart.

Product information 

What dacco can do for the world

To protect new life, dacco supports a variety of activities.


For mama all around the world, dacco expands to overseas.

We have bases not only in Japan, but also in China and Indonesia, and are expanding our products overseas.

Global expansion >

To protect precious time with "the new life",
dacco will continue to get close to mama and baby.

What's NewWhat's New


Added "Set for the Water Breaking" to product information.


Added "Abdominal bandage for caesarean section" to product information.


Added "Soaklin disinfectant solution Sodium Hypochlorite" to product information.


Added "Baby wipe with cover lid" to product information.


Added "Pelvis Tightening Belt (Before and after childbirth)" to product information.


The homepage has been redesigned.