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Clean Cotton Eye for Baby

Quasi drug

● Soft and thick absorbent cotton soaked with purified water and a small amount of medical solution, smallsize and individually- rapped sterilized cleaning cotton with 2 sheets in a pack.
● Cotton for cleaning and wiping around baby’s eyes, and perfect for using the cotton one by one for each eye.
● Aluminum package prevents water evaporation and keeps the sheet clean for use.
● Alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

Clean Cotton Eye for Baby

Part numberTypeStandard (applicable size)
72703-Absorbent cotton 3cm x 3.75cm(Finished size)
Two-fold x 2 sheets (16 packs)

■ Brand name : Clean Cotton Eye B2
■ Ingredient : Includes water solution of chlorhexidine gluconate 0.02% in the medical absorbent cotton for general medical devices

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