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dacco is a gift that conveys feelings.

dacco's product combining high functionality and sophisticated design, is a gift to express blessing to mama and her baby.
A wealth of items, including childbirth sets, raises the level of satisfaction of maternal and supports the healthy growth of baby.

for mama

Maternity sanitary pad

It offers safety and comfortable rest to mama by thoroughly investigate leak of lochia and damage to the skin.
※ The same packaging materials as medical devices are used for sterilized products.

Nursing care products

We support breastfeeding with breast pad which can quickly and fully absorb breast milk, and breast coolants that can be cool and easily absorbed by the breast.

for baby

Baby wipes

We are committed to good baby-friendly skin with a safe and easy-to-use material and quality.


This is a clothing and goods that uses baby-friendly materials.

for mama & baby

Cleansing cotton / Wet cotton

This product is a single-package sterilized product made with autoclave sterilization using materials that are less stimulating to the sensitive skin of mamas and babies.