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What kind of phenomenon is “water breaking”?

What kind of phenomenon is “water breaking”?

It is a phenomenon in which the amniotic fluid inside the uterus leaks out as the velamentous that surrounds the baby ruptures. At the obstetrics and gynecology department, you will receive guidance on the water breaking of membranes during the late pregnancy mother class and during the late pregnancy checkup.
The timing of water rupture and the amount of amniotic fluid that comes out is individual and cannot be predicted in advance. Therefore, when childbirth is approaching, all mothers need to prepare the necessary items when your water breaks and carry them with them when they go out.

If you wonder it's a water breaking

  1. Call your hospital to tell them the details of the symptoms and ask for instructions.
  2. Wear a clean sanitary napkin and the like, take a car or taxi (do not drive yourself), lie down, and head to the hospital.

It may be difficult to distinguish from urine leakage, so if you don't know whether water breaking or if you feel something is wrong, do not judge by yourself, contact the hospital and follow the hospital's instructions.
If the water breaking, do not take a bath, shower, or warm water washing of the toilet to prevent infection.

Things to prepare in advance

  • Pack your belongings when you are hospitalized
  • Decide how to contact family and how to get to the hospital when labor begins (booking a taxi for labor pain and the like.)
  • Prepare items to measures water breaking (1 example below)
Maternity sanitary pads, night napkins, and the like. To absorb amniotic fluid.
Bath towels, leisure sheets, and the like. To unfold on the car seat when traveling.
Spare shorts To change clothes when wet.
Plastic bag To put wet things in.

*After the 37th week of pregnancy, it is safe to carry a maternal and child health handbook, health insurance card, examination card, and items to measures water breaking when going out.