about dacco
about dacco

dacco's historyhistory

Challenges we have risen to during the course of our long historyChallenges we have risen to during the course of our long history

Osaki Medical was founded in 1936.
The company started out manufacturing and selling hygiene materials,
such as gauze and cotton pads.
Rising to the challenges posed by the medical care situation and the needs of the times,
it went on to develop a wide variety of products.

In 1955, a product was born, which changed the whole course of our company.
It began with a little complaint from a head nurse at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic.
She said it was hard work to prepare the cleansing cotton pads they used to wipe the genital area after birth.
Back then, nurses had to make the cotton pads by hand in between their busy duties attending to patients.
After listening to her complaint, we developed “Clean Cotton” cleansing cotton pads sealed in individual packs.
That was the moment when our approach of listening to the voices of front-line medical care staff took shape.
After that, we went on to create maternity pads to replace the ones that the nurses had also been making by hand.
Our maternity pads and cleansing cotton pads soon garnered praise and support from a number of medical institutions,
and the name “Osaki Medical” started to spread throughout Japan since then.

The need of medical care staff and mother does not change over time.The need of medical care staff and mother does not change over time.

As time passes by, today we find Japan in an age of fewer and fewer children.
Childbirth is the most important event in a person's life.
We began to hear from more and more new and expectant mothers
who said they wanted to live a comfortable life during pregnancy and after giving birth.
“We want products that will make getting ready for childbirth easier.”
“We want products that will look good on today's mothers.”
The dacco brand was born from such voices in 2008.

dacco's signature "Maternity Set" is a stylish bag packed with a variety of goods for childbirth and newborn care.
It has been supported by vast numbers of mothers and medical institutions.
Today, the brand holds the No. 1 share among all the maternity sets available in Japan.
By now, it is trusted by mothers, babies and medical institutions not only in Japan,
but also in China, Indonesia and so on.
dacco will continue to listen to the voice of each and every customer,
and keep on striving to meet the needs of midwives and nurses,
mothers and their babies, too.

dacco's five promisespromise

With five promises in mind,
dacco continues to face mamas, babies, and midwives.

  • To keep “safe and secureness

    We have been providing medical products for decades and always placing the utmost importance on the safety of our products and their users.
    We believe it is dacco's mission to ensure the safeness and peace of mind of mamas and their babies.

  • To devise “materials and functions

    Throughout all the stages, from pregnancy to childbirth as well as newborn care, mamas and babies are very sensitive to their surroundings, both mentally and physically.
    dacco devises ingenious materials and functions for its products so that mamas' and babies' everyday life will be more comfortable.

  • To pursue “fashionable design

    Mamas also need to be stylish while busy with child care and housework.
    dacco offers elegant, clean, and feminine designs for mamas, while for babies, its designs are soft, warm, and perfectly fit both boys and girls.
    dacco pursues stylish, fashionable designs that make mamas feel good.

  • To be committed to “ease of use

    dacco is committed to the idea of products that are easy for everyone to use.
    This is because we want our customers to experience true comfort whilst using our trouble-free products.

  • To realize your “voice

    dacco has created a wide variety of products so far, by always listening carefully to lots of opinions from midwives and mamas.
    We will continue to value each and every voice of our customers, and shape them into reality.

The staff who create daccoStaff's Interview

Always make an effort for turning the voices into reality.

The staff who create dacco value listening to the opinions of their colleagues,
not to mention midwives and mamas, in their work.
In order to provide smiles to mamas and tomorrow's chances,
dacco will continue to think "in the form of voice."

Pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care should be happy times. We want to create products that will help our customers feel that they are.Pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care should be happy times.
We want to create products that will help our customers feel that they are.

Product Development division

I am responsible for the planning and development of the dacco brand.
When it comes to product development, safety and ease of use for mamas and babies are a must, but we also pay a great deal of attention to package design and the words we use, to be sure that our products will be used correctly.
I'm also a mama now.
By making use of my own experiences as well as listening to the voices of midwives and fellow mamas , I hope to develop more products in the future that will help mamas enjoy those parts of their lives in comfort and happiness.

We uphold the principles of high quality, and honor the trust of our customers.We uphold the principles of high quality, and honor the trust of our customers.

Production control division

I manage the production plans and delivery deadlines of the Maternity Set.
In order to let mamas everywhere deliver their babies free of worry, we are committed to making products that are easy for mamas to use.
There are a lot of mamas in the manufacturing staffs at our factories.
Listening to the opinions of them helps us improve our production system and maintain the high quality that the dacco brand is known for.
The products we have created with such great care are now being used at the front lines of medical care.
It makes me extremely happy.

Peace of mind for mamas, and safety for babies.Peace of mind for mamas, and safety for babies.

Quality control division

My main job is to ensure the quality of our products by conducting analyses and evaluations throughout the manufacture process.
As the first things that newborn babies use, dacco products must be safe and secure.
Mamas and babies deserve products that have passed strict safety standards.
We continue to make improvements on a daily basis, and engage in risk management and prevention.
Having children of my own, I want to put my perspective as a mama in good use during quality control, so that we can more safe and hygienic products.

Made with passion.Made with passion.

Medical sales division

I work as a sales staff.
When I present our products, the point I focus on the most is conveying my passion for helping mamas and babies experience a joyous, easeful and comfortable childbirth.
Whenever I see the dacco products that I presented with such passion being used, or a new mama leaving the hospital with dacco products, I feel like what I'm doing is helpful to mamas and babies.
It's such a rewarding job.
I want to keep on providing dacco products to mamas, babies, and staffs at hospitals and maternity centers, and bringing them joy, for times to come.

What dacco can do for the worldCSR

Aiming to be a brand that supports childbirth and child-rearing from all perspectives,
dacco will contribute to society through support for a variety of activities.

Donation to the Ogya Donation Fund
"Ogya Donation" is a love campaign in which people with physical and mental disabilities can use their hands to improve their motivation.

The contributions are collected by the Nichi-Bo Ogya Donation Fund, mainly through obstetrics and gynecological hospitals nationwide, and are used to support research on prevention and treatment of physical and mental disability.

Since 2009, dacco has supported this activity by donating a portion of its revenues annually.

Ogya Donation logo
Ogya Donation image

Support for “NPO Himawari no Kai”
Promote maternity marks and other activities to support the live-birth of babies and mothers

The "Drug Handbook for Mothers and Children," published as one of our activities, contains information about dacco and is distributed to mothers through local governments nationwide along with the "Maternity Stecker" to protect the traffic safety of mothers and children.

NPO Himawari no Kai

dacco, loved by mamas around the worldOverseas expansion

dacco is supported not only in Japan,
but also by medical institutions and mamas overseas.
Today, dacco is loved by mamas in China, Indonesia, and other countries.