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Pelvis Tightening Belt®(Before and after childbirth)

● Pelvis belts comfortable to wear without slip down, can be used for a long period of time from before to after birth.
● Easy to move and comfortable with narrow shape, and it's difficult to have a wedgie thanks to the "front curve" along baby belly during pregnancy or just after childbirth. Hard to slip down with non-skid.
● Wide permissible size zone by the over all hook and loop fastner.
● Easy to remove and wear before and after toilet or when changing clothes by just using hook and loop fastner.
● Thanks to the thickness of the belt, hard to see through outfit and can enjoy fashion.
Less stuffy with mesh material and comfortable to wear."
● Comfortable to wear even after caesarean section by the soft and thin material and the "front curve" shape along baby belly.

Pelvis Tightening Belt®(Before and after childbirth)

Part numberTypeStandard (applicable size)
60813Free BlackHip 87cm~105cm 1 piece

■ Material : Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyester, Acetate
※Non natural rubber(Not included the protein derived from natural rubber latex)