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Cushion used during breastfeeding

● A cushion used during breastfeeding. It comes with a soft cover and does not crush or sinks down easily.
● Since it uses Christer®ECO that provides extensive cushioning properties as the padding, it does not crush or sink down, and lasts a long time.
● The cover is made of high-quality pile material (the pile portion is 100% cotton), so it’s smooth and gentle to the touch.
● Both the cover and the cushion are hand washable, so they can be used hygienically.
● An extra replacement cover (sold separately) is convenient when the current cover is being washed.
● They can be chosen from 2 sizes to suit a waist.

Cushion used during breastfeeding

Part numberTypeStandard (applicable size)
89200Regular Pink54 cm (W) x 16 cm (H) x 41 cm (L)
89201Regular Beige54 cm (W) x 16 cm (H) x 41 cm (L)
89207Large Pink55 cm (W) x 16 cm (H) x 48 cm (L)
89208Large Beige55 cm (W) x 16 cm (H) x 48 cm (L)

■ Materials: Cushion (outer fabric/lining, padding): 100% polyester. Cover (outer fabric): 100% cotton. Inside: 100% polyester.

Cover for cushion used for breastfeeding

Part numberTypeStandard (applicable size)
89202Regular Pink64 cm (W) x 48 cm (L)
89203Regular Beige64 cm (W) x 48 cm (L)
89209Large Pink65 cm (W) x 48 cm (L)
89210Large Beige65 cm (W) x 48 cm (L)

■Materials:(outer fabric): 100% cotton. Inside: 100% polyester.