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Corporate profile

The first contact between you and your baby is “dacco”.

You hold your newborn baby tenderly in your arms.
Your first contact with your baby start with “dacco”.
“Thank you for coming in this world”.
Your baby surely can feel your effusively tender affection through your “dacco”.
Our new brand “dacco” was born through this strong, tender and warm bond between
Mom and baby, even if it is not visible.
『dacco』means holding baby in your arm in Japanese.

“dacco”is the first brand in life.

It is the first brand which a baby wears.
It is the first brand which a newly Mom wears.
“dacco”is the first brand which laps the start of a new life,
and we aim to become a first-class brand of maternity products with high quality for which Japanese makers are well-known.

High quality of dacco brand to Moms and their babies.

We offer safe, comfortable, and user-friendly products with design variation for you to spend the time of childbirth, the most joyful period of your life without worries. “dacco”’s high quality supports daily life of Moms and their babies.

Childbirth pad

We are pursuing aggressively pads for the least skin trouble as well as for the least leak, and offer mothers a good rest without worry.

Cleaning cotton / Wet cotton

We use materials with few stimuli for the sensitive skins of mothers and babies. They are moist heat sterilized.

Breast milk pad

Our breast milk pads absorb breast milk quickly and keep a dry touch even after absorption.

Business Philosophy

The more progress medicine makes, the more confidence people brings in it.
On the other hand, there is an opinion that we should go back to the base point of medicine, that is, “relief and safety”. In a rapidly aging society, better nursing care strives for quality of life. Osaki thinks it is our mission to make and provide highly secure and functional medical medical equipment and devices for everyones who engaged in medical and nursing care as well as for patients.
Through exchanging information with everyones in medical treatment and nursing care field, we put forth more effort in offering products with high cost performance, answering needs in the fields. We are sure that our effort leads to this improvement of medical hygiene and to the people’s healthy life. We are making a great point of satisfying our customers and we will continue our study and make products of originality, mobilizing every ability of our staff.

President Masao Osaki

Osaki Mind

Corporation overview and history

Corporation name Osaki Medical Corporation
Established March, 1936
Capital 60million yen
Representative President & Representative Director Masao Osaki
Number of Employees 455 persons in October, 2012
Business contents Sanitary materials, medical supplies, unregulated drugs, cosmetics,medical equipments.
Head office 203, Tamaike-Cho, Nishi-Ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 452-0812, Japan
Tel:(+81) 52-501-2221
Corporation History 1936 The first President Terumasa Oaski started the business manufacturing and selling Sanitary Products, and established “Osaki Terumasa Store”.
1950 Osaki Terumasa Store was grown to the large company with several divisions, and so was established as Osaki Sanitary Product Corporation.
1962 Osaki began to manufacture childbed pads and cleaning cotton named “Clean Cotton” with together gauze, absorbent cotton and bandage.
1968 Head Office building relocated to the present place from the previous location at Kikui-dori, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-city.
1978 Kanagawa office was set up at Atsugi-city, Kanagawa-ken.
1983 Executive director Hiroaki Osaki elected as a president.
1996 A new factory named “Gujo Factory” was constructed at Gujo-city, Gifu-ken.
2002 A new head office building was built.

The acquirement of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13458

The Corporation name was changed to “Osaki Medical Corporation”.
2007 The medical division of Sanyo Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. was jointed to our Corporation.
We acquired the stocks of PT. SANYO MEDICAL INDONESIA.
2008 Iwakura Factory as headquarters was constructed at Iwakura-city, Aichi-ken.
2009 Executive director Masao Osaki elected as a president.
2010 Fukuoka office was set up in Kasuya-gun,Fukuoka-ken.
2011 OSAKI MEDICAL SHANGHAI CO.,LTD.a sakes subsidiary,was established in China.
Two more branches were set up :
 Tohoku office at Sendai,Miyagi-ken.
 Sapporo office at Sapporo,Hokkaido.
A capital and business tie -up was concluded with A capital and business tie -up was concluded with SUZURAN CO.,LTD.
2013 Kanto Logistic Center and Fujioka Factory are established in Fujioka city in Gunma-ken.
2014 Tokai Logistic Center are established in Kani city, in Gifu prefecture.